TSCG presents at International Leadership Association Conference 2013

TSCG members were active contributors to the 2013 ILA conference in Montreal. John Buck and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez presented on public leadership with the workshop Intentional Neighborhoods: Key to Regional Resilience. John Buck was also a co-presenter in the area of business leadership, joining Lynne Williams and Ryan Siemer of TW Telecomm, Inc. in offering Transformational…Continue reading

National Council of Nonprofits guest post – Dynamic Leadership

In October 2013, TSCG member Sheella Mierson was featured as a guest author on the National Council of Nonprofits blog Nonprofits Matter. Her post addresses “Dynamic Leadership” and explores how the right decision-making process can make your organization smarter than any one leader or even a small leadership team. Read the article her post was based on…Continue reading

The Key

“I can take one look at an organisational chart and tell you whether they will still be in business in a few years’ time.”  Philip smiled at me and raised his eyebrows.  I was already deeply impressed with his insight and achievements, but with this he had me hooked.

The Stop Button

[edit Nov 14 2011: Now it is the USA, and people are getting clear about what they want. Need a stop button!] London is burning. The world saw an Arab Spring, and in London and San Francisco — across Europe and North America — we celebrated other people’s civil discontent as a sign of positive…

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